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image of professional boxing glove tape with the Empire Pro Tape branding.

1" x 590" Empire Pro Tape

per roll
$4.99 per roll
Single image of the Empire Pro Cutman Scissors.

Empire Pro Scissors

per pair
$59.99 per pair
Image of a black utility cutman wristband with the Empire Pro Tape branding. One of the more important cutman corner supplies!

Empire Pro Utility Wristband

per wristband
$45.99 per wristband
Image of a white roll of diy sterile gauze wrap, packaged with the Empire Pro Gauze branding.

2" x 590" Pro Gauze

per roll
$1.99 per roll
Image of a clear packet containing the Empire Pro Cutman Cotton Tip Applicator product. With gauze swabs

Empire Pro Cotton Tip Applicator

per pack of 50
$5.99 per pack of 50
Image of Boxing Cold Iron

Empire Pro Curve Endswell

per endswell
$64.50 per endswell